About The Kabul Grill

We started Kabul Grill as a joint venture of father and son, a family restaurant, to share the legacy flavour of authentic Afghan and Mediterranean cuisine. We also wanted to give our guestshttp://www.10pagepapers.com/ a modern and casual atmosphere. Combined with fast food prices and affordable meals make our menu irresistible to tantalize the taste buds and make you keep coming back for more.

We buy fresh ingredients, local produce, high quality brand protein from local distributors, hormone free chicken, fresh and top quality lamb and beef, and create the tastiest and authentic dishes of the East for our guests. All our dishes are created with special care and dedication, we make sure they are hygienic and healthy, and give particular attention to the presentation of the dishes.


From Long-grain Basmati rice to Afghan famous Kaddu-Pumpkin and our Open-Flame Grill, the menu is filled with unique dishes. According to the Washington Post, the Tandoor Naan alone is worth the visit, and we assure you that the rest of the dishes will surpass your expectations. Now proudly celebrating 15 years of establishment, we distinguish ourselves on the decades of home style cooking experience and having a chef in each of our locations with more than 10 years of experience in home style cooking.